Understanding and capturing contemporary trends is crucial for Midsona's capacity to fulfill its mission; to help people to a healthier life.

The overall health trend in Europe, which generally drives demand for most of Midsona's products, is at least as strong as the last few years. Insight into the health and well-being and the value of a balanced diet - combined with a clear desire for sustainable consumption - make people increasingly avoid animal products, unnecessary additives and products with poor nutritional content. Midsona's focus on plant-based, pure and organic products is benefited by these trends.


A plant-based diet is an increasingly clearer trend and a growing share of the population in the Nordic countries, and also in the rest of Europe, say that they are flexitarians, vegetarians or vegans, i.e. a clear trend away from eating meat. Driving forces for these groups can, for example, be animal rights, health and the environmetal perspective.

Organic still have a strong position in the Nordic countries and are showing strong growth in many countries in the rest of Europe.


Another strong trend is convenience. People do not have the same amount of time to prepare food, but still want to eat healthy. The service trade is therefore growing at the same time that there is an extensive need for healthy ready-made or quickly prepared dishes to themselves make at home.

Organic food

Organic food has a very strong position i the Nordics. Denmark was in 2017 the first country ever with 10 % of the food being organic. There is a significant increase in sales of organic food all over the world.