Linked to the climate agreement that the countries of the world signed in 2015, DLF has launched the Transport Initiativet*that Midsona has chosen to join. This means that by 2025, all of Midsona's domestic transports shall be fossil-free.

Within the food industry, transports of raw materials and finished products are often a major source of environmental impact. Transports in Sweden account for around one third of the Swedish emissions of greenhouse gases.

Midsona has started an efficiency improvement and route optimization effort on the company's flows of goods and through the common structure, Midsona took a broader hold of the work on transports, among other things a Nordic transport procurement was made to coordinate Midsona's transports.

Transports not only involve goods or raw materials, but also business travel. Within the scope of Transport Initiative, employees' business travel by train, boat and car will also be entirely fossil-free by 2025.

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DLF Transport Initiative 2025

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency