Midsona's consumers must be able to rely on our products being safe, sustainable and of the highest quality possible. Which is a significant factor in Midsona's mission to help people live a healthy life.

Midsona has a large product portfolio and to be able to guarantee safe and sustainable products, a risk analysis is required of all of our processes and detailed product evaluation. In addition, a good relationship and close cooperation with our suppliers are necessary. We choose our suppliers with care and focus on a long-term, structured collaboration. Midsona's goal is for our suppliers to sign the Supplier Code of Conduct, but if the suppliers are not prepared to sign, Midsona hopes to be able to be an important partner in helping the supplier in the right direction.

Our products are certified according to many different standards, such as EU organic, KRAV, Fairtrade, Äkta Vara, Vegan, Eco-cert, etc. All of these set stringent requirements on quality, environmental and sustainability issues and become like a stamp of quality on our products

Midsona's quality work is governed by current legislation, requirements from authorities and customers and industry guidelines. In addition to this, there is also our own quality policy.


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Swedish Food Agency

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